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As a new male member I am sure you will get involved in the strings rota, the name arises from the fact that until relatively recently the rinks were delineated by actual physical strings from end to end. Now simply markers at the ends are used to determine whether a bowl or jack has gone outside the rink. 

These markers need regularly moving so that wear on the green is evened out as much as possible, hence the rota on which your name is likely to appear a couple of times per season. On the date specified you are required to move all the markers from the old colour to the new colour. This involves moving the rink numbers, the ditch marker, and the dividing markers for the rink - on all four sides of the green on each of the main green and the top green. It takes about 30-40 minutes. 

This needs to be done on the designated day before play starts (10AM) or the previous evening after play finishes. You also need to take a rubbish bag along with you to empty the small waste bins on the banks around the greens. Finally initial your name on the Strings rota to confirm the changes have been made. The Strings rota is posted on the notice board in the entrance lobby and shows the date of your commitment and the colour you will be moving the markers to. If you can't make the date then it is up to you to swap your date with someone else.