Old Coulsdon Bowling Club Ltd

  • 81 Couldson Road
  • Old Couldson
  • Coulsdon
  • Surrey
  • CR5 2LD

01737 552580
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2022/2023 Indoor Season

  • Bookings can now be made in Bowlr for the indoor rinks commencing Tuesday 20th September


 To either book a rink or access members' contact details click  << Here >>  
  (You will need the membership number and password issued to you by the club.)

 If you have admin access click << here >>.


How do I log on?

For instructions click here:  Logging on

How do I book a rink?

For a roll-up click here:  Booking a Roll-Up
For a club competition click here:  Booking a club competition
For an external competition click here:  Booking an external competition

Where do I find the Members Directory?

Members contact details are now stored within the bowlr system.  Log on and click on Members list.

Can I book a rink when I'm at the club?

Yes, you can use the club PC to book a rink.

Will I be playing on the rink that I booked?

Not necessarily. Rinks will be allocated by the Ladies Outdoor Committee as before.  Always check the whiteboard before you play. 

Can I edit my booking?

Unfortunately not at the moment.  You will need to Cancel and then immediately re-book.  This is expected to be addressed in a future release of the system.

How far in advance can I book a rink?
How many rinks can I book in advance?

You can book as many sessions as you like as far in advance as you like.
But to be fair to everyone, please don't book rinks unless you are certain that you will use them.

Do I have to book to play in a regular roll-up such as the men's Mon/Fri club?

No, unless covid restrictions require otherwise you do not have to book.  Just turn turn up, sign in and play as before.