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April 12th - The Club will re-open for 

Indoor Bowling - Update

For the last two weeks of the official Indoor Season the club will be open for Indoor bowling between 9am and 8pm from 

Monday to Friday. Please refer to your Email Newsletter of 

5 April for full information.

The club will be closed over the weekend of the 17 and 18 April.

Following the very latest advice from Bowls England (BE), changing rooms can be opened.

You are encouraged to avoid or minimise use where possible.

You must socially distance while in the changing rooms.

Subject to available space, more than one household can use changing facilities at one time, but you must not mix.

There cannot be more than 4 people in the changing room at 

any one time.

Face coverings should always be worn when in the Clubhouse, only removing them when you are on your rink.

All subject to amendment, should the government announce any changes.

Hazel Cormack, David Hills, Rowland Spencer, Elaine Williams. 

The Outdoor season will start on Saturday 24th April and once Bowls England have communicated how this will be run, all members will receive the necessary information through the newsletter. 

Diary Dates



Dear Club Members,

It has been a long road for everybody and, with the vaccinations going well, it looks a much better future for us all.  We will be back to bowling in a month or so for the start of the outdoor season - and the Indoor Season will continue as well.
Both of us would like to thank all the loyal club members who despite not being able to bowl or socialise have continued to pay their subs, which has enabled the greens to be maintained and pay the necessary bills, even when we were not there.
The Board and all other committees have many things planned for the coming season and you will shortly be receiving much more information about how to become fully involved.
So, with the positive outlook that OCBC has always had, let us all look forward to the warmer weather and meeting up again.
Once more thank you again for your loyal support.
Pam Osborne
David Hills                  
Joint Presidents


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