Old Coulsdon Bowling Club Ltd

  • 81 Couldson Road
  • Old Couldson
  • Coulsdon
  • Surrey
  • CR5 2LD

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Social Bowling (Roll ups)

All Members are welcome to join the Roll Ups. Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the advertised start and be aware that some of them could fill up even earlier than this.

Outdoor Roll Ups

Monday/Friday Club 10AM-12-30PM, men only.
Rinks 18 ends – Triples 16 ends.
at the door and there is an optional £1 raffle and a 50P sweep, money goes to winning rink, if it is a tie it goes to charity.

Monday 4PM mixed, usually top green, no sweep or raffle.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday 2:30-4:30PM, mixed. No sweep or raffle. Sign in on the list (usually on the bar). Usually bottom green Tues/Thurs, top green Wed/Sat.

Friday Evening 6:30PM mixed. Usually top green. No sweep or raffle. Starting w/b May 12. Time may vary as season progresses.

Sunday 10:30-12AM mixed. Australian pairs (2-4-2 format) 12 ends. Usually top green. No sweep or raffle.

Indoor Roll Ups

Monday and Friday Club 9AM-11AM and 11AM-1PM, men only, the early session often starts 8:30ish or as soon as it is full. Sign in at end of indoor rink and there is a 50P sweep, money goes to winning rink, if a tie it goes to charity. There is also an optional £1 raffle, half goes to Xmas/end of season lunches.

Monday 1PM-3PM and 3PM-5PM Aggregate, ladies only, the early session sometimes fills up. Sign in at 12:30PM for the early session and 2:45PM for the later session. No sweep or raffle.

Tuesday 2PM-4PM, men only, no sweep or raffle. Sign in the rink bookings book (limited to 16 players)

Thursday 2PM-4PM, mixed, no sweep or raffle. Sign in the rink bookings book 

Wednesday 10AM-12PM, mixed, 50P sweep, no raffle. Sign in at the end of indoor rink.

Sunday 10am-12pm, mixed roll up.

Indicated Roll up and Aggregate sessions may not be booked for Competitions 

Please note the last session ends no later than 10.30 Monday - Saturday, 9.30 Sunday 

If you need to widen a rink for a National/County competition on Sunday morning, 

liaise with Jane Binner when the booking is made 

Dress Code

For all above sessions - Ladies should wear white shirts, Men should wear white or club blue shirts. All should wear grey below the waist with any approved bowling shoes. Blue or white fleeces or white sweaters may be worn.