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  • Old Couldson
  • Coulsdon
  • Surrey
  • CR5 2LD

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Bowls Etiquette

Please be aware of the following.

  1. Correct dress for all games

  2. STAND STILL – REMAIN QUIET, when a player is on the mat and about to deliver a bowl

  3. Remain AT LEAST one metre behind the mat or behind the head when it is not your turn to play and do not obscure any bowls on the rink

  4. STAY on the mat until YOUR bowl has come to rest, at which time your possession of the rink IMMEDIATELY passes to your opponent

  5. Be READY to bowl, with bowl in hand, as SOON AS your OPPONENT’S bowl has come to rest

  6. Before walking past the END of a rink, check that no bowler is about to bowl towards you

  7. Keep to your own rink – do not wander about and distract others

  8. When changing ends – keep to the centre, or ditch wall, of your rink

  9. Try to avoid is about to bowl

  10. Never criticise your opponent, the green nor your own team members

  11. CONCENTRATE , not only on your own game but on the game being played by your OWN RINK players

  12. Always, at least, appear to be enjoying the game – even if presently losing. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP

  13. Greet your own team and opponents at the start of a game and thank them for the game when finished. A handshake before and after does not go amiss

  14. Be gracious in success AND defeat


  16. Read the Laws of Bowls

REMEMBER – ALL bowlers, especially those ‘new to the game’, need to be ENCOURAGED, not DISCOURAGED