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Dress Code


For roll-ups, aggregates, leagues and competitions, Ladies must wear white shirts. Men must wear plain white or club blue shirts. All must wear grey below the waist with any approved bowling shoes.
Exception: For Ladies competitions with rounds held on the same day, e.g. Drawn Triples, the dress is "Blues & Whites"

All Matches

Bowlers must wear club blue shirts, usually with white below the waist in the morning and afternoon and grey in the evening.

External Competitions

For National, County, Borough and similar competitions, although each organisation has its own code, the general rule is club blue shirts, with grey below the waist.


  • Blue shirts with white below the waist will be worn for all finals, subject to organiser’s rules.
  • Fleeces, and/or waterproofs, may be worn. Preferably blue with blue shirts and white with white shirts.
  • Shorts may be worn for any game or match but must conform to the relevant below the waist rule. Shorts must be tailored and plain.
  • If Men are required to wear blazers for matches, e.g. Surrey Presidents, this will be indicated on the match sheet.
  • Sandals are banned. Any player contravening this rule has no recourse to compensation for any related injury or skin condition.
  • Tracksuits, shell suits, jeans and leggings are not acceptable.
  • For Matches, Bowls must display club stickers on both sides.


Occasionally, sessions will be designated fancy dress or 'mufti'. These sessions will mostly be social occasions or bowling events where the dress code will be advertised.