Old Coulsdon Bowling Club Ltd

  • 81 Couldson Road
  • Old Couldson
  • Coulsdon
  • Surrey
  • CR5 2LD

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The Club runs both outdoor and indoor competitions and entry forms are made available with a clearly notified closing dates for entries.

Outdoors for men, there are handicap events, the Open Handicap & the Middleton Shield which are of obvious interest to new members, and also Drawn Pairs/Triples where the teams are drawn so well worth entering. There is also the Junior Handicap, which confusingly is not a handicap event as such, but is limited by handicap to those players with a handicap less than 6.

Outdoors for ladies there rather similar events, there is the Handicap which are of obvious interest to new members, and also Drawn Pairs/Triples There is also the Bradmore which is split into two handicap divisions (0 to 6 & 7 to 12).

Indoor there are no handicap events but there are Men's and Ladies' Drawn Pairs/Triples.

Players may of course enter into all of the competitions if they so wish.

Once the competitions are drawn the draw sheets are displayed on the wooden shutters near the hot drinks machine (for the men) or on the notice board (for the ladies).

In any particular draw the top player(s) are the Challenger(s). It is the Challenger's responsibility to contact their opponent(s) and to offer dates, generally after checking that a rink is available. It is also their responsibility to book the rink when a date has been agreed and to arrange a marker where needed.

At the end of the match the score card should be signed and left in the appropriate place. The winner should not be entered on the competition sheet, this will be done by the competition organiser.

Important Note: Entering a competition indicates that the player expects to be available to play on Club Finals Day, if successful in reaching the final