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An Important Message about the Future of the Bowls Club

Please take the time to read this and consider the implications of its message.

We are all going through a very difficult and unprecedented period in the country. But we will come out the other side and life will return to normal. For our own wellbeing it will be important that we can return to our normal pursuits and when that happens, we will all want the Bowls Club to be in existence and functioning once more.

The club is not owned by a third party – the members, you and us, own it. The club exists because a group of people (the members) decide to support it through a subscription that pays for the resources and expenditure of the club so that it is available for their use whenever they want. It exists as long as we want it to. Subs should be viewed as a contribution to the running of the club rather than a payment.

Unfortunately, whilst the club is necessarily closed, it still incurs costs on a daily basis. We need to maintain the greens and the premises. Normally the club needs an income of about £8,000-9,000 a month to run. With the closure, we anticipate that we can reduce the costs by about 30-40%, but this is still a substantial monthly amount. We are looking carefully at what future spending plans we will now be able to afford.

Of the three main sources of income, subs, bar profits and lettings, two have completely dried up. We are now totally reliant on what we as the membership can support. In addition, this emergency could not have happened at a worse point in the year. Most of our income happens in April through subscriptions which we bank and then ‘live off’ for the rest of the year. Our reserves in March are therefore now at their lowest point, although the amount of money not yet spent from the legacy, is sufficient to carry the club for a limited time.

We realise that the national ‘lockdown’ means that some members might have severely reduced income. However, despite the club closure, we will be asking as many members as possible, to continue to support their own club by continuing to pay their usual or intended subscription, so that we are able to return to a fully working club as soon as possible. Where individual members are not in a position to fully do this, we will ask for whatever contribution they feel they can make. All subs and contributions will be treated as confidential.

More details about the subscriptions this year will shortly follow. Please support your club at this time.

OCBC Board